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Message from the President of the
Republic of Italy, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

Quirinale, Rome
To Dr. Pier Franco Marcenaro
President of Man Center

The President of the Republic of Italy expresses deep appreciation for the second World Conference for the Peace and Welfare of Peoples.
The future of the planet, the global balance of the new century, and peace among peoples largely depend on the international community's ability to safeguard the environment, establish a dialogue between cultures and religions, and win the fight against poverty, ensuring balanced growth, throughout the world, in accordance with the principles of human rights.
With this in mind, the Head of State sends the organizers, distinguished speakers and attendees friendly greetings and wishes them every success in their work.




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Prize “Art, Science and Peace" 2015

The prestigious "Arte, Science and Peace Prize" is awarded every 3 years by Man Center, in collaboration with the World Interreligious Center, to a Personality standing out particularly in the field of Arts and Sciences for his/her activity in favor of peace and well-being among humanity.

The profound and symbolic message of the Prize, in fact, is that arts and sciences can be a wonderful tool for bringing peace to the world and elevating the Spirit of man by creating a new fraternal fellowship to all the peoples of the Earth.

In November 2015 the Prize, at its Fourth Edition, was awarded to the famous tenor Andrea Bocelli with this motivation: "Ambassador of Peace in the World, Andrea Bocelli, gives his listeners all over the Planet the gift of joy with his charming voice, unique for tone and warmth. Through his art, he elevates the human spirit towards higher values of life and makes men brothers, beyond any barrier of race, nationality, or faith."

In addition, the Tenor "through the Foundation that bears his name, supports projects in favor of people and marginalized groups worldwide."

The "Art, Science and Peace Prize" has seen among its previous winners the well-known writer, journalist and essayist Fernanda Pivano, the great director Franco Zeffirelli and Professor Umberto Veronesi, world-renowned physician and former Minister of Health.

Pier Franco Marcenaro and Andrea Bocelli

Pier Franco Marcenaro presents the triennial Award “Art, Science and Peace”
for the year 2015 Andrea Bocelli


Assignment of the "Science and Peace Prize" for 2012

On the 5th of August 2012 in the City Hall Viareggio, the Third Edition of the Art, Science and Peace Prize took place.

The Prize for 2012 was unanimously assigned by the Jury to Prof. Umberto Veronesi, with the following motivation: "As a recognition for his long and brilliant career dedicated to relieving the suffering of humanity and spreading high human, civil and social values of non-violence and respect for all living creatures, a luminous example of Science in the service of peace."

Pier Franco Marcenaro and Prof. Umberto Veronesi

Prof. Umberto Veronesi during the award ceremony
with the President of Man Center Pier Franco Marcenaro



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