Man Center
Non-Profit Social Service Association

Dialogue among Cultures and Religions

(Scenes from the 1st World Ecumenical Conference)

Man Center organizes and participates at conferences which aim at cementing fellowship among all men, thus favoring the gradual elimination of sectarianism, fanaticism and conflicts between the different religions. It also translates and circulates publications of high ecumenical character.
Through the comparative study of the great religions and philosophies, and in particular their original principles, the singular unity of the message that the Creator imparted to man from time to time through his Envoys is rediscovered.

Universal love, service for others, a righteous life and the search for perfection is the message brought to man by the great Masters of humanity. Therefore dialogue or Ecumenism in its widest interpretation, means brotherhood among all the sincere seekers of Truth under the Divine Fatherhood. A father of the modern Ecumenism is Master Sant Kirpal Singh, who presided over the World Fellowship of Religions for many years.

The dialogue which is by now unrestrainable between the various religions and philosophies of the world offers all the people infinite possibilities for moral and spiritual improvement without having to give up one’s original
traditions but actually confirming and illuminating them with a universal light.
Man Center puts itself at the service of mankind which is being formed, in order to reach and eliminate the barrier of incomprehension between men of different cultures, races and religions and to make the human
being a real world citizen at the service of the only God of all peoples.


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