Man Center
Non-Profit Social Service Association


Man Service

Man has to expand his very self, abandoning his limited egoism which is the cause of continual conflicts between individuals, families, social groups, nations and ideologies. Therefore it is necessary to practice a kind of selfless service which makes
a human being a member of the entire humanity of which he is a part.
Man Center performs this service toward all men without any discrimination as to nationality, race, religion, age, sex or social position.
Service toward humanity is foreseen in all the phases of the life of man, from infancy to old age. Nurseries, all grade schools, hospitals, old people’s homes, built and conducted with the principles necessary to form a new humanity are all a part of its global project for the support and formation of man. Besides this, Man Center designates a part of its own resources to those who are in need and rejected by a superficial and distracted society.

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