Man Center

Non-Profit Social Service Association



Man Center is an International Non-Profit Social Service Organization with its Headquarters in Italy.

The Monastery of Sargiano, Seat of Man Center in Arezzo, Italy

Man Center arose as a center for international harmony where people from different cultures, nationalities and religions can live together in harmony with the aim of developing their best qualities in order to become complete human beings, able to give an example of a new and happy humanity in this era ravaged by conflicts. In order to realize these goals, Man Center promotes man_service, earth_service, dialogue_among_cultures_and_religions, all this supported by an inner spiritual rebirth of the human being.

Man Center Headquarters is in the old Franciscan Monastery of Sargiano, founded by Saint Bernadine of Siena in 1405, situated on a hill rich in springs only 2 km from Arezzo, Tuscany. Surrounded by thick woodland growth that extends for about 25 acres at an altitude of 400 meters, it is an oasis of peace suitable for inner regeneration.
Man Center is inspired by Manav Kendra (Man Center), a self-sufficient center built in Deradhun at the foothill of the Himalayas for the service of humanity by Sant Kirpal Singh, President of the World Fellowship of Religions, an Organization recognized by UNESCO including all the major religions of the world. Author of many books of fundamental importance for modern man that embrace the entire spiritual, moral and religious fields, translated into over 50 languages, Kirpal Singh is considered today one of the greatest spiritual Master of all times.

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