Man Center
Non-Profit Social Service Association

Man Center’s Director is Pier Franco Marcenaro who has been ardently dedicated to human and spiritual problems since his youth. This natural quality of his, together with his work as manager of an important international Company, has led him to travel widely all over the world, establishing direct contact with people from different cultures, races and religions. This led to the foundation of Man Center (Manav Kendra), a Non-Profit Social Service Organization, as inspired by Sant Kirpal Singh, of whose elevated work in favor of humanity Pier Franco Marcenaro is the heir and prosecutor.
It promotes service for man, respect for and conservation of nature, understanding and service among people of different cultures and religions: all these activities are supported by the inner rebirth of the human being, which is realized by practicing the highest values of life and profound meditation. Man Center is active today in many Italian cities and in several foreign countries. Since 1999 he is the President of the World Interreligious Center.

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Pier Franco Marcenaro in Nurnberg, Germany Pier Franco Marcenaro in Barry University, Miami, USAPier Franco Marcenaro in Chisinau, Moldova Pier Franco Marcenaro with Pope John Paul II in Rome Pier Franco Marcenaro in Barcelona Spain Pier Franco Marcenaro in India with President V.V. Giri
Some Conferences and Meetings of Pier Franco Marcenaro around the World

Pier Franco Marcenaro is the author of various publications translated into several languages and has presided over three editions of the "World Conference for the Peace and Welfare of the Nations", in 1999, 2002 and 2005 under the patronage, respectively, of the Italian Presidency of Counsel of Ministers, the European Commission and the United Nations (U.N.). He has spoken to the public in many countries all over the world and he regularly holds conferences in Italy and abroad.

Pier Franco Marcenaro presides the "Third World Conference for the Peace and
Prosperity of the Nations" under the patronage of the United Nations (U.N.) in June 2005