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Inner Spiritual Rebirth

In his daily life, man often dedicates all his energy to changeable and illusionary
goals, which he ends up uselessly sacrificing all his existence for. Today more than ever he needs to stop and look within to find his lost energy, values and harmony
there again. Man Center holds meetings directed at regenerating man within and developing harmoniously his different spheres of action.
For this purpose it organizes courses of universal character.
In particular, meditation gives inner peace and harmony against daily stress and opens to man the door to the Divinity inside. The highest form of meditation
taught by Pier Franco Marcenaro, a Master of Spirituality and Life of the Highest Order, consists in the contemplation of God into expression Power, which manifests as Light and Sound Principles, called Holy Ghost by the Bible (see Acts of the Apostles 2:2-4),
Naam, Shabd, Om, Kalma in other religions.
This elevated discipline was taught by the greatest spiritual Master of all times and places, as Christ, Kabir, Nanak, Sawan Singh. The last of them was Sant Kirpal Singh, of whose Teachings Pier Franco Marcenaro is the authentic heir.

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This activity has been written about in newspapers:


"Man Center holds courses based on the common principles of all the great traditions of the world, aiming at improving man by enabling him to live a truly harmonious and altruistic life. The Center works as an ecumenical pole where it is possible to compare different experiences."

"During the conferences held in California, Florida and Romania, the director of Man Center, Marcenaro, discussed about the common elements between different cultures and religious traditions, underlining the need for authentic inner values for modern man."

"The aim is to create peace and harmony between people and nations with different cultures, nationalities and religions by developing the best capacities inside every human being."


"It is a very popular current issue: the interaction between different cultures and religions as a starting point to achieve the moral and spiritual rebirth of humanity."


"Pier Franco Marcenaro, International Peace Award, has pointed out the rebirth of high moral, social and spiritual values as the way to achieve a solution to the serious problems of the planet."


"The proposal of Man Center is for a new man who finds the time to stop and look inside himself without giving up his social commitments. Once he achieves inner harmony his life will be based on peace and service."


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